關於頂鮮 關於頂鮮
Brand Spirit

The freshest and most high-end seafood restaurant in Taiwan - "DingXian", presents an elegant and comfortable dining place with consistent European royal decorations, imported crystal chandelier and European centuries-old tableware collections. The restaurant is known for its finest seafood dishes and various traditional Taiwanese delicacies. Integrating with Taiwanese, Japanese, Hong Kong, French and other countries' cooking styles adds creativity and a wide variety of ingredients to its menu. The restaurant mainly serve the high-end live seafood dishes, emphasizing real time cooking, delicate service quality and the spirit of innovative cuisine. The restaurant has created a legendary establishment for Taiwanese delicacies.

In 2011, the restaurant opened its flagship store on the 86th floor of the Taipei 101, the most recognizable landmark of Taiwan. With the most beautiful view in Taiwan and the unique location of Taiwan's landmark, the restaurant pushed the seafood dishes to an international level and attracted many political and business celebrities to come to appreciate its finest cuisine.

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    Established DingXian Taichung store.

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    Established DingXian Kaohsiung store

    Led the trend of high-end seafood.
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    Established DingXian 101

    Being known as the highest restaurant in Taiwan, the restaurant has the best view to look out over Taipei City. You may enjoy the metropolitan beauty in daytime and the night view in the evening with the finest delicacy and freshest dishes. The restaurant is definitely a must-visit for foodies.