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  • Information accuracy and integrity
We are fully committed to guaranteeing the accuracy and integrity of the information provided on this website to ensure conformity to the information and methods used by our branches. Please do not assume that all information or public announcements posted on this website are up to date. You hereby agree to constantly monitor changes of information and messages posted on this website. If you carry out a survey or research on DingXian, please conduct numerous inquiries via several channels. You also agree to bear all risks associated with relying on the information posted on this website.
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DingXian is the sole owner of all copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property rights for all text, images, and other materials on this website. No content on this website may be associated with the use of granted trademark licenses or rights. Except for the uses stipulated in these terms and conditions, it shall be strictly forbidden to use or abuse any trademarks or contents displayed on this Website.
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You shall be authorized to browse this website, reproduce content by printing or downloading it to your hard drive, or forward it to third parties within the limits of personal use provided that all relevant copyrights, intellectual property rights, and trademark statements are fully indicated on reproduced contents.
You further agree to refrain from the use of any images or text derived from this website for the publication or distribution of text, images, or any files of a slanderous, insulting, threatening, offensive, indecent, salacious or untruthful nature or in violation of public order and morality. Text and images of this website shall not be deliberately altered to slander DingXian and its three branches. You also agree not to use reproduced content of this website for any commercial purposes including sale or distribution for profit. Reproduced content shall not be altered or included in other works, publications, or websites.
If you use any content of our website for one of the aforementioned purposes without express permission of DingXian, we reserve the right to take legal action as deemed necessary.
  • Transmission
All non-personal correspondence or information transmitted by you to this website via e-mail or other methods including all information, questions, comments, suggestions, or other relevant contents shall be viewed as non-confidential and non-private information. You agree not to transmit any illegal items to us that constitute attacks on personal reputations or infringe on privacy rights, business secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights, and other rights.
By uploading or posting your personal designs, business secrets, and product information on this website, you indicate that you authorize free, non-exclusive use of such contents by DingXian and its three branches for dissemination, publication, transmission, alteration, release, public presentation, reverse engineering, decompilation, or disassembly for public or commercial purposes without express permission by you.
The provider of such information shall relinquish all claims for compensation for the aforementioned uses. When you provide such information, you warrant that you own all rights to the provided information and contents which shall be of a non-defamatory nature. You also warrant that DingXian does not infringe on the rights of any third parties or violate any applicable laws when using your information.
  • Protection of children and minors
Parents or legal guardians shall fulfill their guardianship obligations by ensuring safe Internet use and preventing infringement of privacy rights when children and minors browse the Internet. We therefore recommend that minors obtain approval by their guardians before agreeing to make relevant personal information public. Children and minors shall be constantly admonished to refrain from disclosing any information pertaining to themselves or their family members.
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  • Guarantee and disclaimer
You agree to bear all risks associated with the use of this website.
We cannot guarantee that this website is free of disruptions, malfunctions, viruses, or other malware which may cause inconvenience, data loss, errors, tampering, or other losses.
DingXian shall bear no liability or responsibility for any losses caused by virus attacks on computer equipment or other assets resulting from the use, access, or download of data from this website. Please adopt protective measures as required when using this website.
You agree to relinquish all rights to claim compensation from DingXian supervisors, directors, employees, suppliers, and computer programmers for any damage caused by use or access of this website within the maximum scope allowed by applicable laws.
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